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Target platforms

Android, iOS



Many people were frustrated with how hard this game is, and judging by the mobile market at the time, I can’t say I blame them. This game is very arcade-y in that it requires patience and perseverance to play, so although it was originally meant to be a casual game, the project lead and I were too happy about classic arcade games to make that happen.



An ambient soundtrack seemed the obvious choice to go with the pacing of the gameplay and the visual style that we had already commissioned. The sound effect design is nothing spectacular, although in tune with the soundtrack.
The below soundtrack is from world 1, entitled “Electric Garden”.


The player controls a rectangular spaceship through labyrinths in a Kuru Kuru Kuririn-esque fashion. In the labyrinths the player will find powerups, such as speed amplifiers, shields, health kits, etc. The spaceship rotates continuously and follows the player’s finger wherever they touch. Touching the walls or any of the obstacles or enemies causes the ship’s health to drop.

Art style

The artwork (by Mariam Zakarian) occasionally takes inspiration from H.R. Giger’s visual style (he was the guy who did the scene and costume design in the “Aliens” movies). This style paints a creepy and mysterious scenario for the game to take place in. I personally like this part of Cyklus a lot.


I was responsible for programming, game and GUI design and the website. This is the first game I ever made for mobile, and it’s the first game I ever completed production on. It took me about 6 months, because it was all quite new to me. I did a level editor in javascript, which was not the most full-featured tool, but got the job done. In retrospect, the programming (Lua) was a complete house of cards. It buries the needle in terms of draw calls, and the memory management was a patch job at best. Still, it runs well on most devices and doesn’t have memory leaks, so it can’t be all bad.