The Vongott Chronicles


Unreal Engine 4

Target platforms

Linux, Windows, Mac



The game is set in the world of Warren Spector’s Deus ex. In this game, you start on the opposite side of the story, as a new member of the NSF, forced into the situation by their research into counterfeit augmentation technology. You start the game as a relatively successful test subject and spend the first scene exploring a makeshift terrorist hideout in an abandoned air terminal at La Guardia Airport.


The goal of this game is to provide a coherent storyline that aims to fill out the plot holes of the first Deus Ex game while poking some fun at it. Gameplay elements should be reminiscent of the original, but still take certain liberties when necessary.

Art style

The visuals take inspiration from the worlds of manga and cyberpunk. We’re trying to maintain the atmosphere of the original while still taking it in another creative direction.


The game will have all of the familiar RPG features such as skills, abilities, inventory, quests, conversations and so on, but there will also be a strong focus on stealth and combat. Intelligent, but at times downright retarded AI will aim to recreate the hilarity of the first Deus Ex. Notes, books, newspapers and computers will be available for reading relevant plot points, passcodes and other great stuff. Long story short, we're trying to make it like they used to make 'em.

Open source

It's entirely open source and will be released with its own SDK for further modding and level creation. It's an approach we're sticking to because care, but mostly because we're less likely to get sued.