Rise of the Vegan God





Target platforms

Android, iOS



Mark, a greedy insignificant herbalist with not a care in life one day breaks up with his girlfriend over a bitter argument. Soon after, Mark inadvertently commits a crime which leads to his arrest and imprisonment. A strange phenomenon occurs in the region which petrifies non-Vegans. The widely-ignored Vegan cult suddenly becomes popular and overwhelmed with newcomers and converters overnight. This game is a revamp of the previous release on PC entitled “Revenge of the Bitch”. It’s been under development for a long time now, and it has a lot of crazy content and many hours of gameplay.


It’s a turn-based RPG taking inspiration from the classics, so in those terms, it’s a return to formula. It makes nudges to a lot of other games, television and movies, and it’s on the whole a great deal of fun.


I was responsible for GUI design and programming, but was occasionally involved with game design and story. It saddens me to say, but it seems that despite the years of effort put into this title, it will probably never be released.