Ninja Sprint



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Target platforms

Android, iOS



Generally, this game had a good reception, and the leaderboards have been very active. Anyone who enjoyed it seemed to like the difficulty level, as it plays in stark contrast to most mobile games released at the time. There were a few bad reviews, mainly pointing out that the visuals were too confusing and the learning curve was too steep. Overall, I find this game enjoyable myself, and I’ve completed it several times.



The soundtrack is composed by Rafael Dyll, an artist who has been involved with quite a few other games before. I find it very catchy, and very appropriate for the pace of the gameplay. The perfect run here gives a good sample of the track for the village world.


It’s a pretty straight-forward runner game, but with a few extra touches. There is a special meter which when full allows the player to perform special moves that clear the screen of enemies, and the types of enemies and traps are quite disparate. The first few levels are child’s play, but this is by no means a casual game.

Art style

This project was picked up from an abandoned state, which means the art was done before any code was written, and without any direction given from the previous programmer. This was a nightmare to deal with from a performance perspective, but also left it to the rest of the team to add visual content when needed, as the artist was not available anymore. The player character, for instance, is drawn by my wife. Despite all of that, the art that was provided is quite well done, and does seem to aesthetically fit into what we’ve come to expect from mobile games.


I did the programming, GUI and game design on this. It took about 5 months to complete. I made a level editor that is actually shipped with the game, but is only accessible by developers pre-compilation. I had accumulated some knowledge since Cyklus, but I was still fairly green at the time, so the draw calls were still off the charts. That was in part due to the poor communication between artist and programmer, though. It still runs fine on most devices nowadays without turning them into kryptonite, so it’s not much of a problem in the end.