Bash Maze


Blender Game Engine

Target platforms

Linux, Windows, Mac


This was my first truly ambitious project, but I wasn’t quite ready to meet its demands at the time. It would pose less of a challenge to me today, and it’s a project I really want to revisit, as I still like the concept a lot.


The player starts as a prisoner trapped inside a Linux operating system. The environment is made up entirely of analogous representations of operating system element. Rooms are folders, locked rooms are compressed folders, audio files are actual sound waves, the network firewall is an actual wall of fire, etc. NPCs throughout the game are apps like GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, which all have different personalities and can help you progress in the game.


The point was ultimately to help players understand Linux better by analogy, and to familiarise them with bash. The reasoning behind making the player break out of a Linux system comes from the concept of hacking. A person breaking into a system has to have extensive knowledge about it, but that knowledge becomes less and less relevant the further down the system’s file structure they go, as the folder permissions become less and less restrictive. To teach this knowledge to the player rather than assume it, it came to me that reversing the process and start the players off in the least restrictive folders, the learning curve would fit that of a puzzle game.